Archbishop Dr. Sidley Mullings

MCP, Th.D., Ph.D.


Archbishop Sidley Mullings is a dynamic Bible teacher, preacher, and motivational speaker. He is the Senior Pastor of The Rugby Deliverance Tabernacle and has served in that capacity since 1989.

Archbishop Mullings has been serving the Lord since he was a child, and preaching the gospel since 1970. He has served as an Evangelist for the Holiness Christian Church, Jamaica, West Indies, organized and pastored the Ensom City Holiness Christian Church, in St. Catherine, Jamaica, and served as the General Secretary of that denomination for many years. He was a well-respected elementary school teacher working with the Ministry of Education while in Jamaica.

Archbishop Mullings received his training from the Jamaica Wesleyan Bible College, The University of the West Indies, The Empire State College, The International Theological Seminary, the Child Welfare Institute of Atlanta, and the Canon Theological Seminary.

Since he became the pastor of The Rugby Deliverance Tabernacle (formerly The Rugby Congregational Church) in 1989, Archbishop Mullings has overseen a transformation and expansion of the church and its programs, both spiritually and numerically. The hallmark of his ministry is evangelism, encouragement, restoration and missions.

The Brooklyn Community benefits from a feeding program four days per week providing over three hundred hot meals each week, and from programs offered through the Rugby Family Services, an arm of The Rugby Deliverance Tabernacle. These programs include tutoring for GED, family counseling, citizenship and voter registration help.

Archbishop Mullings is the Administrative Head of an Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction which includes districts in Asia, Africa, North and South America, and the Eastern and Western Caribbean. He is the Founder and President of the United Fellowship of Christian Churches International Inc. since 2001. This group of local and international churches work in unity for fellowship, friendship and helpfulness, to mobilize and build their local congregations and the Kingdom of God. The citizens of the Tri-State area, Jamaica, the Eastern Caribbean, Guyana and South Africa, benefit from his Radio and Television Broadcasts, through the Mullings Ministries Charitable Corporation where he is co-founder and President of Mullings Ministries Charitable Corporation.

Archbishop Mullings and his wife of over thirty years, Reverend Lorna Mullings, are Executive Directors of Dorcas Medical Mission. This group of over a thousand volunteers has done missionary work in many regions, including South Africa, West Africa, South America, North America, The Philippines and the Caribbean. In their ten years of medical missions, they have provided medical, social and spiritual resources for thousands of poor and needy people. Through this missionary work, Dorcas Medical Mission has also assisted in providing housing for aids victims, repairing and supporting basic schools and churches, provided potable water for residents in GaOdumase, Ghana, West Africa and has aided in many reconstructive surgeries.

Archbishop Dr. Sidley Mullings and Reverend Lorna Mullings are the proud parents of two children, Joanna and Matthew, and a granddaughter Kiana, all serving in the ministry. The family serves a great community, a great church family and friends who support them in ministering the word of God.